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Private list of links
(this page)

A1. Download Folder for file transfer

A2. Download Folder for DEW-linked stuff (publicly shared)

B1. NIST & FEMA. NIST simulation links

Latest Findings from NIST World Trade Center Investigation Released (simulations!)
Probable Collapse Sequences for Both Towers Finalized; Reports Issued for Three Projects

(simulations!) Links to video B-roll and computer simulated animations for WTC investigation

** Final Reports of the Federal Building and Fire
NIST Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster

FEMA Photos -- event 1391

** World Trade Center Building Performance Study
FEMA Report Documents

B2. NIST & FEMA & other sites of interest. links

FY 2007 Information Quality Request for Corrections
US Department of Commerce:
Office of the Chief Information Officer


Applied Research Associates

Boeing Airborne Laser
Boeing Missile Defense

Lockheed Martin
- Missiles & Missile Defense

Northrop Grumman



Textron Systems Corporation

C. Private - Photo stash
(a place to keep track of pictures and their sources, and where co-authors can discuss them)
(Contains pictures of each page of the RFC.)
(Lots of pictures.)
(photos I have collected of OKC -- plus a few others for private discussion)
(used less, now)

D. Private - Media stash
(from my 9/11/01 CBS "live" recording with rabbit-ears reception )
(some files are missing due to size limits, "angie" and "educated" are there)

E. Kinda Public, but needs to be incorporated into current work
(in note-sheet form for discussion and should be tidied up a bit, but is linked from the toasted car page (page-5))
(in note-sheet form for discussion and should be tidied up a bit, but is linked from the moretoasted car page, which is linked to the toasted car page (page-5))

F. Needs Work - but planned to be made public at some point
(needs to be worked on before opening for public viewing)

G. Needs More Work
(needs to be worked on before opening for public viewing)
(needs to be worked on before opening for public viewing)

H. Planned
(started with the intention of having someone else go for it -- which I thin Spooked has.)
(an early attempt and with good intentions of going there)
("WTC7andtheEasterEggHunt" was going to go there, but stalled out)

I. Private
(self explanatory, I think. Not linked for public viewing)

J. Public Pages: (Bathtub) (Energy) (Dustification) (Holes) (Toasted Cars) (other) (Conclusions) (Appendix page 1) (Appendix page 2) (Appendix page 3)
Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate?
A peer-review of Steven E. Jones'  9/11 Research
The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis
14 December 2006, Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds
A Refutation of the Official Collapse Theory

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth:   The Rules of Disinformation
(Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)
Jump to: Twentyfive Rules of Disinformation
Jump to: Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist
Jump to: Symptoms of Pathological Skepticism
Jump to: Zen...and the Art of Debunkery
Jump to: How to Debunk Just About Anything

K. Public Articles:

"Thinking for Ourselves" An interview with Judy Wood, Ph.D.
6 March 2007, A Slave Planet Interview

Dr. Greg Jenkins' "Directed Debunking Energy"and Prof. Judy Wood
1 March 2007, by Andrew Johnson

The New “9/11 Hijackers”?
February 2007, by Andrew Johnson

Why Indeed Must it be Controlled Demolition? An informal critique of Dr. Jones' hypothesis
30 January 2007, "Who"

The Greg Jenkins Analytical Method Ignores the Facts
28 February 2007, by Andrew Lowe Watson

Highlighting Directed Energy Weapons May Save the World from War
8 February 2007, by Andrew Lowe Watson

L. Public - Special:

Press Release RFC NCSTAR 1
22 March 2007

RFC NCSTAR 1 and related documents

RFC: What Happened was Not Inevitable (6.5 Mb)
16 March 2007, Judy Wood
(Other pdf resolutions available here.)

RFC: What Planes? (80 kb)
8 March 2007, Morgan Reynolds

Effort to halt government WTC7 investigation launched 
1 March 2007, Edward F. Haas
(a developing F.A.Q. list -- needs to be cleaned up for public viewing)
(not yet formed)


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