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A picture tour through ground zero - PictureTours1
This is my gut reaction to these pictures.  If I knew nothing else and had only been given these pictures, and the memory of the building that once stood on this site, I would conclude that WTC1 and WTC2 were blown up.
Source of photos:

I have a great deal of appreciation, respect, and admiration for "AP," the person who took these pictures.
It was a wonderful treasure you have provided to us.
These pictures provide the viewer with terrific evidence about what happened.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.       Thanks!

There are three ways to get to the pictures, if you don't  click directly on the links I've given below each description.
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I've listed them in descending order, beginning with #30.
Click on images, below, to enlarge.

Here's one that begs the question:  If the building "collapsed," why are these outer columns standing and the core columns are not?  I'm impressed how white that guy's shirt is (bottom, next to sawhorse).  Why isn't he dirty?  That red crane (far right) is really clean, too!)
Now there's a road clean enough to eat off of! 
How'd that happen?
PLENTY of flags in this photo! (at least 5 on the right side)
On the crane string?  That looks like flag abuse to me!
And, why is the aluminum cladding blown off some of the outer columns in this picture?  Note, the columns obviously weren't buckled.  They appear as if the floors, which were connected to them, "just fell off."  So, what blew the cladding off?  (I'm referring to the peeled-open can look on the exterior columns.)
and here:
Also, notice the flat-bed trucks, ready to load up beams.  They have big wooden blocks across the truck bed in preparation.  Hey, you wouldn't want any beams just laying around where anyone might get access to them, right?  ;-)

Hehehe... it looks like they haven't started hauling beams, yet.  Check out the pile of brand new lumber.  (lower left)
Why is the military guy there?  (right side)  What's he there to protect?
Check out the car scraps they're scooping up.
Clean streets!
Weird baracades filled with dirt.
A chair for the guard post?
The first 10 pictures in this series show armed guards keeping folks away from the site.  In the above picture, it looks like the guy in shorts is getting in trouble for taking pictures!  (He's the guy with his right arm up, appearing to take a picture while signalling, "I'll take just one minute then I'll go.  please don't arrest me.")
Is this what our army does?  Or, are these marines?
Another creepy picture.  Are they writing tickets?
Hey, this isn't a war zone, is it?
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