NCST Advisory Committee to Meet, December 14, 2006
The National Construction Safety Team (NCST) Advisory Committee will meet via teleconference on Thursday, December 14, 2006, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Entire session: NCST Advisory Committee Webcast Dec14 - 2006 0900-1100 EST (mp3)
(11.8 MB)

Segment: WTC SeismicSignature NCSTAd (mp3)
(132 kB)

WTC Seismic Signal

The signals’ strength due to the collapse of the towers were not of any magnitude that was seismically significant from an earthquake design standpoint or from the design or a failure of a structural component or of I would say of a piping system that might be used in a structure, so ah there wasn’t anything that gave us pause in terms of that being a significant seismic event to have ruptured the pipeline.

XVI. Judy Wood at Cooper Union 9/10/06
Judy Wood at Cooper Union
19:24 URL Video, 10 September 2006

XV. Presents James Fetzer Presents James Fetzer-film by
1:18:49 URL Video , 23 April 2007

XIV. INTRODUCTION by Andrew Lowe Watson

Why I think Judy Wood is the biz
4:41 URL Video by "newangle"

XIII. 9/11 Search for Truth - Seattle Top

Judy Wood - 9/11 Search for Truth - Seattle
Morgan Reynolds - 9/11 Search for Truth forum - Seattle
Link 35:02 URL Video by "talkingsticktv" Link 32:37 URL Video by "talkingsticktv"

Judy Wood speaking at the forum 9/11 Search for Truth in Seattle October 28, 2006.
Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D. speaking at the forum 9/11 Search for Truth held in Seattle October 28, 2006.
Link 35:02 URL Video
Link 32:37 URL Video

XII. Star Wars in Iraq Top

Star Wars in Iraq
32:37 URL Video
Link 24:18 URL Video by "911Revolution."
Star Wars In Iraq video contains mature content Is The U.S. using new experimental "Tactical High Energy Laser" weapons in Iraq?

“Star Wars Iraq” is a new investigative report
by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci.

According to official Pentagon sources, military vehicles equipped with this laser device have been used in Afghanistan to explode mines. According to two reliable military information sites – Defense Tech and Defence Industry Daily - at least three such vehicles are being used in Iraq as well and some people report having seen them.

us microwave & lazer weapons Operation The ADS works by directing electromagnetic radiation at a frequency of 95 GHz toward the subjects. The waves excite (see Excited state) water molecules in the epidermis (skin) to around 55 C (130 degrees Fahrenheit), causing an intensely painful burning sensation. The focused beam can be directed at targets at a range of approximately one kilometer. A higher radio frequency is chosen because, as a property of electromagnetic waves (known as "skin depth"), they are unable to penetrate the body as deeply as lower frequency waves, thereby affecting external organs only, such as skin. The United States military states the effect "penetrates the skin to a depth of less than 1/64 of an inch." A spokesman for the Air Force Research Laboratory described his experience as a test subject for the system: "For the first millisecond, it just felt like the skin was warming up. Then it got warmer and warmer and you felt like it was on fire.... As soon as you're away from that beam your skin returns to normal and there is no pain." The ADS is currently only a vehicle mounted weapon, however, U.S. Marines and police are both working on portable versions. less

Link 08:50 URL Video by "911Revolution."
or 911 Octopus Part2

Are "space beams" and "death rays" real? Has the USA been researching directed energy and high-powered microwave weapons? more... What effects do these weapons have on metals? Could exotic weapons have played a role in the September 11 Attacks? What does the Pentagon have to say about this? Are they telling the truth?

Feb 15, 07 By: 911Revolution

XI. Octopus 2 Top

X. American Scholars Symposium (ASS) Top

911blogger is the exact reverse of the truth, Orwell would applaud . (By Andrew Lowe Watson)

It is not Steven Jones who has been the object of a co-ordinated campaign to discredit him , though he has had to face questions and criticism of his recent highly divisive behaviour.

The man who is the best public speaker and for many the 'face of 911 Truth' has been targetted by a hate campaign orchestrated, in part, by this site. He has published far more academic papers than Dr Jones , is fearless in attacking the perpetrators, inspires auiences everywhere with his rough-hewn passionate soap-box style oratory, and has just scored a big hit on a 3 and 1/2 hour live show in Athens, Greece. For a man of 57 he has unbounded energy and he is as at home in the TV studio as on a platform. He does not, when asked if 9/11 was an inside job, waffle on about 'panaceas' and sociological phenomenon.

Judge for yourself.

"Is this really the man we should be accusing of being a government agent?" "Is this really the man we want to represent our 9/11 Truth movement?"

IX. Peer Review? Top

Professor Steven Jones' paper is NOT PEER-REVIEWED!

Dr. Jones presented, "9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions (2006)," February 1, 2006, Utah. An excerpt from the question and answer session follows.

(Q: = questioner, J: = Jones)

Q: I keep hearing reference that you've -ah- published your paper in a peer review journal -

J: Uh - It's not been published, it's been accepted, but that takes time to get it published of course -

Q: OK - let's just -um - waiting for it , because to me if it gets published, is that a significant journal and would it be newsworthy and when is this going to break into the national media ?

J: You know- this - it's actually getting into the media - Desert News you know has had articles lately. Miami Herald today, pleased to say about our scholars for truth group, and as far as publication, I'm hoping - uh - I haven't asked the - editor recently but -ah - I'm - uh -It's this spring.

Q: So what's the journal again ?

J: It's a book and -ah - by - It's actually a book and it's in now in -ah - Professor Griffin's book which -uh - In the title is - 9 - 11 ..ah..beginning of the American empire. Or something that- I don't remember exactly.

Q: But my question's that - in the academic world for something to get legitimacy it needs to go through peer review in a substantial national or international tier one journal, and I ‘m just wondering if you've, you've submitted anything to such a journal.

J: Well, hehum, of course we're calling for an investigation and -ah - I do believe that this material on the fake Bin Laden will be publishable in that, in a major journal. That's what we're looking for -


Q: What about the stuff on WTC7 ? That should be in the New York Times.

Thanks to Rick Siegel and Gerard Holmgren for this transcript.

VIII. Destruction Videos Top
WTC "Collapse" Best Angle
"The sound of WTC demolition charges"
(explosive sounds are allegedly added)
link link

VII. Scripted Media Top

911 OCTOPUS 8 - Unmasking the Media Perps
Link 0:26 URL Video by "z "

Two Live shots vs Two Fake 911 Hoax Videos
Zooming In on The 911 Hoax:
Contrasting Four Shots with Video Analysis
Link 0:26 URL Video by "bsregistration "

Can we all agree that both shots on the right hand side are fake? If not, for those of you who think an airplane crashed into the south tower, how more... many planes crashed into it? Pick one that you think is the real UA 175. Then most of the other 36 videos are fake, including all of the ones that they aired on TV. If you think both videos on the right are real, you must have rather serious mental probems. All 4 videos are in sync and run at the exact same speed.
Link 4:53 URL Video by "bsregistration "

The two live shots on top appear to show a missile attacking the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Whatever coming in is much smaller than UA more... 175 should be and looks nothing like a plane. The two shots on the bottom are fake. In the under the bridge shot the "black blob" goes in front of a building it should be behind for a couple of frames, and then is corrected. The fireball shows signs of tampering. The shot in the lower right appears to be a screencap of a bird which has been pasted into the image, and moves across much faster than the missile in the live shot. It's a fake. less

VI. Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood Speak In DC Top

Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood share the stage in front of the White House on September 11, 2006.

After attending the morning press conferences Morgan raises some dust in front of the White House after some years away from it. His mounting anger over the criminal corporate juggernaut that holds our nation hostage is evident. Judy Wood follows up.

Judy Woods speaks in front of White House on September 11

 Thanks to 911 Citizens court: http
Brian O’Leary Speaks at the Whitehouse on Sept 11
911 NewsBrian O'Leary recently delivered a provocative speech on the White House lawn September 11, 2006. Brian O'Leary is an ex-astronaut and has a Ph.D. in engineering. His patriotic speech and provocative words brought the small but faithful crowd to a standing ovation. We are very proud to have had Brian O'Leary as one of our main speakers.

Brian O'Leary speaks in front of the White House on treason, fraud and murder in the current administration

Here you will find the complete text of all his speeches in DC along with some pictures and the video!

Return to Washington, D.C. September 11, 2006
Part II. Journey to the Belly of the Beast

An encounter with our beloved and betrayed comtemporary Rome and an inquiry into saving civilization from the madness of our government

Brian O’Leary, Ph.D.
 Thanks to 911 Citizens court: http


 Thanks to 911 Citizens court: http

V. Jones at Berkeley, 11 November 2006 Top

Professor Steven Jones' presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.
Professor Steven Jones' presentation
Total time = 1:45:00

At about the 1:05 mark, Jones' technician appears to stir his "liquid aluminum" with a screw driver using his bare hands. How hot can it be? I don't see anything glowing. Aluminum oxide can be molten at 450°C and it wouldn't glow at that temperature, either. (Start the video, then move the progress bar.)

This image is shown at about the 1:20 mark.
Why is the "air" colored orange?
Why does the "Cheeto" on the ground have uniform color?
Or perhaps it even looks hotter away from the heat source.
If it really were that hot, the hydraulics would not be working.
At about the 1:16 mark, Jones says that steel can melt at 600° (I assume °C). It that is the case, the steel wouldn't be glowing bright yellow either!
From about the 1:13-1:15 mark, Jones shows pictures taken from my site, but shows them out of context. He leads the audience to conclude that the cars were toasted right at the WTC, not FDR drive. I wonder how he can explain seeing the East River in the background.

Jones took these pictures from my website, so he has indeed seen the data!
Is Jones trying to tell us that thermite did this?
Is Jones trying to tell us that thermite did this?

Professor Steven Jones' presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.
Q & A session that followed the presentation.
Total time = 8:49

Video of the question and answer session following Jim Hoffman's presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.
Professor Steven Jones joins Hoffman in addressing questions from the audience.

Video of the question and answer session following Jim Hoffman's presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.
Professor Steven Jones joins Hoffman in addressing questions from the audience.

Part One
Part Two

Total time = 9:29
Watch beginning at 7:30
Total time = 9:48

IV. Sad Scenes Top

Professor Steven Jones' presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006
Q & A session that followed the presentation.
Professor Steven Jones' presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006
Q&A session with Jim Hoffman

Total time = 8:49
Can Dr. Jones answer a challenging question about his work?
total time = 10:00
Watch beginning at 7:05, or 2:55 from the end
Watch the video above as Dr. Jones giggles about a female professor's loss of her job. Is Dr. Jones himself free of ad hominem attacks?


II. Misc. Top

Bach - St Anne Prelude - BWV 552 - 1739
Link 9:55 URL Video by "MissDeniseHewitt."

I. Graveyard: Those who have been censored by TPTB Top

Ryan Adams

XXI. Other Top

Crash Physics for 911 Truthlings
Link 3:29 URL Video by "Lisa17f."

Telling it like it is
You couldn't make it up
Link 00:55 URL Video by "Coffinman."
Link 3:02 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."

WTC- The prosecution case for controlled demolitions
Link 4:24 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
A theatrical enactment. There is much missing though.
He doesn't go into the vertical holes in buildings that could only have been made by scalar waves does he? ...
Link 02:53 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."

Doctor, my eyes!
Why the elite need Bush
Link 01:33 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
Opens with large jet that flew past the towers.
Many people saw this plane and think they saw the plane that hit the tower.
Pinocchio's nose at 0:27
Naudet first hit at 0:30 WHERE'S THE PLANE?
2nd hit "ghostplane part deux" with plane f
Link 00:27 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
The real criminals are hidden.
The media will protect them to the death.

XXII. Laser firing? Top

Laser firing?
Link 0:26 URL Video by "Coffinman "

XXIII. New York, New York Top

Ryan Adams - "New York, New York"

XXIV. Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, The War Against Cold Fusion Top

Liberty International Entertainment Inc.
46 min 6 sec - Oct 19, 2006

Did Jones sabotaged cold fusion research?

1. Break for news audio from 6/15/06 (mp3)

2. (Better picture quality, but no scroll bar.)
Click on "Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion" when you get to that page. 

3. Goggle video (Scroll bar, but reduced picture quality.)
I noticed that someone has posted a miniature google video of the second one here:

* For the Jones segments, move the progress bar to 11:00 -

XXV. Jones' Scientific Method Top
Steven Jones refuses to defend planes at WTC
Link 3:27 URL Video by "Coffinman."

Professor Steven Jones fails to respond

Dear Steve,

Almost a week has passed now since I formally requested you to appraise "crash physics for everyone":
The article addresses the most fundamental physics principles necessary to examine the possibility of an aluminium-bodied aircraft flying straight into a steel-framed building and not leaving any evidence of its passage on the outside. Steve, you are seen as the head of the truth movement. This request I made to you has been put in public forums, in particular on YouTube. "Crash physics for everyone" is well-known and there are a great number of people who were awaiting your reply with baited breath.

Your failure to reply is damning, and I have made sure to point out that the reason for your silence is because YOU CAN MAKE NO NEGATIVE RESPONSE TO IT. This is especially unfortunate for Mark Bilk, who made a vicious attack on the genuine researchers for the truth of what happened on S11 during which he put his foot in his mouth a number of times. I have made a response to his offensive diatribe and pointed out errors in his arguments, and false assertions that he was making:
He is also insisting on talking about planes hitting the towers, and as I told him, "Crash physics for everyone" has been up in front of all of the academics in this movement for some time and has not been refuted, therefore the assertions it contains are UNDISPUTED SCIENTIFIC REASONING.

So he really could have done with you being able to put me down hard. But as I told him, you can't. This would also be a good time to ask you why you introduced the DEROGATORY term "space beam" to describe the directed energy beam weapons that have been suggested as a possible cause for the complete failure of the central cores in both towers, and for the complete disintegration of all the concrete within the towers to nanodust. This term is one word away from "space aliens"? and limits the scope of the hypothesis to an orbital platform. This does not to me seem like the conduct I would expect from a high-level academic engaged in a genuine quest for truthful answers.

People thought it odd that you hadn't responded to my request within ONE DAY! And that was over the thanksgiving holiday period! So now, at day six, I have every right to talk about YOUR INABILITY/REFUSAL TO ANSWER THE POINTS OF PHYSICS PUT FORWARD IN "CRASH PHYSICS FOR EVERYONE".

I hope that this state of affairs will allow many of those who have been misguided by you and your co-workers to see that you are actually trying to prevent a discussion of the evidence that can expose the truths of what happened that day in the most concrete manner. You are not a champion for the truth! You hide under a rock when somebody calls you out to fight!

Awaiting your reply,
YouTube Coffinman
It is a pity he won't respond because there are many questions that need to be put to him, as he positions himself as leader of the "truth movement" If he sees these pictures he will have an idea of some of the things that I would like to explore with him. But as long as he hides under a rock nothing will be resolved.

XXVI. 60% OF Ground Zero Workers Sick Top

"60 Percent of Ground Zero Workers Sick" PBS News
link 10:30 URL (thanks to NotWithBush )
Dust image shown beginning at time mark 5:00.

XXVII. 9/11 Truth: What Happened to WTC Building 7 Top

9/11 Truth: What Happened to WTC Building 7
link 9:00 URL (thanks to Halifaxion )


WTC 6 was pulled by cables to protect the bathtub
link 00:36 URL (thanks to Killtown)

XXIX. 9/11 Truth: Structural Failures vs. Controlled Demolitions Top

9/11 Truth: Structural Failures vs. Controlled Demolitions
This is a video response to Preview
of New 9/11 Truth Documentary
"Improbable Collapse"

XXX. Was a Directed-Energy Weapon (DEW) from the Star Wars Program used to Destroy the WTC? Top

Photos showing evidence of energy weapons on 911?
Steel turning to dust.
Link 05:23 URL Video by "Coffinman."
Taccata_and_Fugue in D Minor (thanks to Coffinman!)
Directed energy beams.
Tesla rays. They can make solids disintegrate.
Nothing else can explain the disintegration of the spire shown at 4:05.
There is no explanation with the photos, but you will see:
Towers turned to nanodust fountain
Link 0:53 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
A slow-motion closeup of the HUGE sectio A slow-motion closeup of the HUGE section of the north tower central core turning to dust.
The scalar weapons hypothesis may explain this phenomenon.
From Webfairy. ...

Directed Energy Weapons used at WTC hypothesis part 1
Directed Energy Weapons used at WTC hypothesis part 2
Link 09:02 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
Jim fetzer gives a brief outline of the hypothesis that directed energy beam weapons were used to destroy the WTC towers.
The study to back this up can be found here:
The study has been re Jim fetzer gives a brief outline of the hypothesis that directed energy beam weapons were used to destroy the WTC towers.The study to back this up can be found here:
The study has been released before completion due to it's importance and the fact that one of her students working on the project has been murdered, so it will be further updated over time.
Link 07:32 URL Video posted by "Coffinman."
Part 2

Star Wars weapons
Link 08:50 URL Video by "Coffinman."
Beam weapons, Phasers, Ray guns etc.