Death Of FDNY 9/11 Vet Probed As Murderd

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A fireman (Salvatore Princiotta, 43) from Latter 9 was found murdered.

Figure 1. Fireman (Salvatore Princiotta, 43)
source: NBC 12 News

Oddly, Ladder 9 is the firetruck I have a bunch of photos of on the toasted car page:

The Ladder 9 fire truck is noted for it's lack of damage other than having all windows blown as well as the wing mirrors. 

Could Salvatore Princiotta be one of the fellas in this photo? Perhaps he might be the guy on top, hosing off the roof of the firetruck.

Figure 2. The Ladder 9 fire truck being cleaned.
Figure 3. No window? What happened to the rear-view mirror?

Figure 4. Why is the rubber window gasket hanging outward?
Figure 5. Sans windows. (But nice tire!)

Figure 6. Why is the paper shredded but nothing else apparently disturbed?
Figure 7. What blew out the windows without damaging the rest of the fire truck?

Figure 8. The window gasket is on the outside. What blew out the windows? What dislodged the front grill?
Figure 9. It didn't blow out just the middle portion of the windows; it blew out the windows all the way back to the frame where it was mounted.

Figure 10. Hosing down the windowless fire truck.
Figure 11. Final cleaning of the windowless fire truck. Notice its grill is missing.

NBC 12 News

Death Of FDNY 9/11 Vet Probed As Murder

POSTED: 8:55 am EDT May 23, 2007
UPDATED: 12:10 pm EDT May 23, 2007

A retired New York City firefighter who survived the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks is now being treated as the victim in an Arizona murder investigation.

Salvatore Princiotta, 43, whose family hails from Deer Park, N.Y., was found dead in his condominium. At first, it was believed he died of post-Sept. 11 lung complications.

However, a coroner now says Princiotta was murdered. The coroner declined to release any other details.

Officers first went to Princiotta's Scottsdale, Ariz., apartment on May 14 after a family member hadn't heard from the former firefighter, police said. Based on the appearance of the body, Princiotta had been dead for many days.

Scottsdale police said they could "confirm that this is a homicide investigation. However, certain details of the case need to be held in confidence to preserve our ability to successfully prosecute the case."

According to a report from NBC 12 news in Phoenix, a death notice published in Newsday on May 18 said the former member of Ladder 9 in Manhattan died "as a result of post 9/11 lung complications."

Princiotta's brother, Joseph, told NBC 12 the news of the homicide probe came as a shock, and that the family expected a medical examination to show that the lung condition had taken Princiotta.

Joseph Princiotta told NBC 12 that his brother had moved to Arizona last January because he found it easier to breathe.

Before his death, Princiotta had cycled 3,000 miles to honor his colleagues who died on Sept. 11.

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