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Figure 30: Note that solid debris appears to have hit only the lower half of this 40-story building (Bankers Trust). However, the top few floors appear to have had their windows blown out.

Figure 31 Note the blown out windows. There appears to be no other damage to the façade of bldg. on left.

Figure 32: The tower is being pealed downward. Dark explosions shoot up, while white ones explode outward. Above the white explosions the building has vanished while the lower part awaits termination.


  1. Pulverized to dust
Figure 33: Figure 34:
Figure 35: Mostly unburned paper mixes with the top half of the Twin Towers. As seen a block away, a large portion of the towers remains suspended in air. This dust looks deeper than one inch. Most of the curb looks filled in.


Figure 36: Note the blown out windows in the WFC.


Figure 37:

Figure 38: Notice the streaming "dust" from the disintegrating building.

Figure 39:


Figure 40: The same steel-dust phenomenon from another source.


Figure 41(a): A video clip of steel turning to steel dust. (gif) Figure 41(b): Another video of steel turning to steel dust, although CNN’s Aaron Brown calls it smoke. (avi)(mpg)

Figure 42: (gif) People are running past as "wheatchex" land, streaming dust, and portions of the building turn to dust. (
Figure 43: Why don't we see any solid parts of a falling building, here? The building appears to be dissolving into powder.

Figure 44 Why isn't more of the paper on fire? But, it won't be on fire for long if that fireman gets his fire hose working.


Figure 45: Figure 46: It's a pretty dark place!

Figure 47: (e): WTC 1 smoke obscures WTC 2 demolition.

Figure 48: 

Figure 49: Scooping up the building. Figure 50:

Figure 51: The black building in the foreground is the Bankers Trust Building (130 Liberty Street), which has a total volume of approximately 28% of the total volume of a WTC tower. So, two WTC towers have seven times the volume of the Bankers Trust Building. (182.5ft x 182.5ft x 40floors) vs. 2x(207ft x 207ft x 110floors)


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