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From my live recording on 9/11/01   from  9am -10am on CBS

(Rabbit-ears reception)

(click images for enlargements -- but it probably won't help much)

Note: I'm about out of file space, so instead of posting video, I've posted just the audio, along with still frames showing what is in the video when Bryant Gumbel is saying what he was saying. 

I also have the first shots they showed of the Pentagon from a distance.  The sky was already very dark with smoke, appearing to me that it had been burning much longer than the official  "Pentagon Hit  time."

This is the very first time they showed the Pentagon, close up.

Why does Bryant Gumbel say, "Obviously that is not the Pentagon in the background," when they are showing the Pentagon? 

Bryant Gumbel  (303 kb)
It's a QuickTime file with the image minimized to a tiny square.
With an image big enough to see, it would be well over a 10 MB file size.

I've also typed out the text, below, and put in a few corresponding pictures that appear in the video when those statements are being made, just below the text it corresponds to.  I think you'll recognize what the pictures are of.

Here is what Bryant Gumbel said, with pictures corresponding to the words right above them:

(My "transcript" is close, but I've not checked if it is correct.  So, I suggest you check the audio before you quote it.)


"Again, at this point we, we don't know ah whether that ah Pentagon explosion was the result of an aircraft crashing into it, or a bomb that was deployed near there.  We had a unconfirmed report that it was a helicopter that crashed into the building.  You can still see some flames down there in the um lower right hand corner.  Now we are getting a report that they believe it was a plane.  But, again, we do not have any confirmation of that nor do we have any idea what the numbers involved here are."

(a woman reporter* cuts in) "These are the first from the ground it appears."

*Was this Jane Clayson?
Then Bryant Gumbel continues:
"Yea.  These are scenes from ah, from near the pentagon, um, in the nation's capitol.  Ah, we don't know how close to the Pentagon these are."
========>>   "Obviously that is not the Pentagon in the background," 
"so we're talking of a, a neighboring area."

Here is what Bill Plante was saying from the White House.   He was calling in from a block away from the White House, describing the fire trucks and ambulances going by.  I believe this is what was happening just before they announced the Pentagon had been hit. 

Headed, we know not where.  (120 kb)


I had a good laugh with this clip, but others may not find it as funny as I did. 

Bill Plante comments, "...but this is in response to damage elsewhere, to the New York aircraft incidence, and to whatever it was that happened at the Pentagon."    (47 kb)

(I'm still rolling in laughter!)  As you may know, I usually refer to the Pentagon event as "whatever hit the pentagon," or if I'm feeling silly I say, "whatever it was that happened to the Pentagon."  So, it's really funny to hear this same statement out of a reporter! 

But, sadly, it may stick out because it was perhaps the last day we heard ANY honest reporting.

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The 9/11 Files Topsites