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The information that is being gathered in this website showing the consistency between the available evidence of what caused the pulverization of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and the use of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS has, not surprisingly begun to generate a significant body of criticism. Some of it technical, some of it well-meaning and some of it questionable as to motive, intent and origination. 

It can reasonably be assumed that given the clear, direct and unavoidable implications of the theory that DEW destroyed the World Trade Center, the secretive governmental spying and control apparatus might well have an interest in participating via paid agents in the process of criticizing the work here assembled.

In Critics Corner, an effort will be made to comment on some of the criticisms from a variety of perspectives. For instance, where criticisms appear to us to be scientifically valid or plausible, we will acknowledge it and will adjust our theories or explanations accordingly.

Where there is information indicating the critic may be a paid informant or agent of a governmental agency that might be motivating to engage in psychological operations, we will raise these questions by presenting the information we have.

Where the criticism, though invalid, may nonetheless seem worthy of posting here, say, because it is humorous or otherwise of interest, we will also post it.

We have put up a second page, linked from Critics Corner, indicating how critics can apprise themselves of their rights as WHISTLEBLOWERS assuming that some of them might come to their senses in due course.

This introduction concludes with our first and second postings of specific criticisms.

First up is Greg Jenkins' video that was done January 10, 2007, ....

Our rebuttal of Mr. Jenkins includes queries based on readliy available information confirming some of Dr. Jenkins' prior work was funded by the US National Security Agency (NSA). Clearly, by virtue of his links with NSA, we need to kinow whether his video is a bought and paid for piece of disinformation?

At some point, perhaps Dr. Jenkins will assure his colleagues in the DC911 Truth movement that his NSA contacts are benign.

We'd like to know whether Dr. Jenkins remains on either an NSA payroll or other govenrmental payrolls as a disinformation agent?

Is any of his other work funded by NSA?

Was he paid for his evening work in videotaping me?

Does Greg claim he no longer has any links with NSA?

Dr. Jenkins NSA links are detailed at:


Second, we have a very interesting challenge to a few pieces of evidence of DEW offered in critical form by Dr. ------ [WI GB] You can then elaborate

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It is interesting to note how prolific this website is when it comes to attack pieces. But, it's not clear how this can benefit the 9/11 community. Why would this group want to hamper the research of others?
It is difficult to know what questions to answer if they keep changing.

From the Journal of 9/11 Studies

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From Steve E. Jones

Email from Steven E. Jones to Greg Jenkins (2 February 2007)
Steven Jones recruits Greg Jenkins to submit a "hit piece" on Judy Wood.


Video Interview of Judy Wood
- and her unfortunate theories; may they rest in peace. (7 February 2007)

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