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Were Particle Beam Weapons Used to Destroy the WTC?  
Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds hypothesis

Putting "Beam Weapons" to bed with no supper  
VIDEO with Judy Wood

"Present me the information/evidence on 911"
Dennis Kucinich says, "I am Listening carefully"

Comments from Individuals

It is interesting to note how prolific this website is when it comes to attack pieces. But, it's not clear how this can benefit the 9/11 community. Why would this group want to hamper the research of others?
It is difficult to know what questions to answer if they keep changing.

From the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Statement Regarding Thermite, Part 1 (16 January 2007, 26 January 2007)
Robert Moore

“Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers” (17 January 2007)
Steven Jones

“Scientific Critique of Judy Wood’s Paper “The Star Wars Beam Weapon” (10 January 2007)
James Gourley

"The Damage to WTC Bldg's 3 and 6, the debate between the controlled demolition and beam weapons..." (26 January 2007, 6 February 2007)
Tony Szamboti

"What are the Goals in the 9/11 Truth Community?" (10 January 2007)
Steven Jones

"The way forward through published papers and letters" (30 January 2007)
James Gourley

"A study of some issues raised in a paper by Wood and Reynolds" (12 January 2007)
Frank Legge.

From Steve E. Jones

Email from Steven E. Jones to Greg Jenkins (2 February 2007)
Steven Jones recruits Greg Jenkins to submit a "hit piece" on Judy Wood.


Video Interview of Judy Wood
- and her unfortunate theories; may they rest in peace. (7 February 2007)

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