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These pictures are taken along the street that goes between the postal building and WTC7, and are about a block north of WTC7, before WTC7 "faints."

From album WTC Pictures by member cuoffrd

Looking up at the smoke

rubble w FDNY bkgrnd
Why is there a hole in the street, here? I don’t think it was from before 9/11 as that is a rather large hole to leave unattended with nearly no attempt to keep vehicles and pedestrians from falling in. Also, there is very little debris on top of the boards while there the "dust" is rather deep in that area.
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small fire

Barclay St fire

burned out cars and bus

Consistently, they seem to have missing door handles.

And the gas tanks don't appear to explode.

burned suv and mail truck

burned NYPD car

Police car I've not seen before.

Why the back end and not the front?

burned cars bus trucks and fire
WTC7 looks REALLY good here!  (It's the building on the right, a block away from where the camera person is standing.)  It looks like those could be body parts on the sidewalk (arm or leg?).  I believe this is after WTC1 goes poof, but am not sure.    I have pictures from the next block up, next to WTC7, and it didn't look nearly as bad as this!  So, I'm thinking that this part of the street got toasted when they did WTC1 and the other one (posted on was after WTC2 and before WTC1.

block with fire at end
I think this is just before they did WTC7.  Notice how empty the streets are, while they are flooded with water and lots of fire hoses.  Obviously the water lines weren't busted! The traffic light in the distance appears to still have power.

paper on street
I think this is a look North from that same place.

fire from afar

building ablaze
After 2 went poof.  Standing on Church street, looking south, with the postal building on hte right and the WTC4 remaining "stub" in the distance.

close up building ablaze

Maybe they set WTC5 on fire for a "smokescreen" after the fact?

Why would this building be on fire so viscously and so FAST?

look at bronze statue of man
Is that a statue or is that a human?


rubble close up

rescue workers

rescue workers at work

FDNY working
From album WTC Terrorist Attack Sep.11, 2001- Album #1 by member magicfan33

Burned cars outside the WTC after both towers collapsed

Burning Wreck of WTC Towers Sep.11, 2001

Isn’t it interesting that the traffic light is green (not red)? There is a weird irony with that.
So, why wasn’t the power knocked out? Do the traffic lights run on backup batteries?

There is eyewitness testimony saying the power to WTC2 went off a second or two before WTC2 began to come apart. I believe this is true and that it was done to isolate the WTC Towers from the power grid. Otherwise, they may have knocked out the power grid over a very large (multi-state) area. We can remember when a power surge knocked out the power grid for NYC and much of the northeast. So, I can’t imagine that a total destruction of a WTC tower in 10 seconds would not cause a problem.

The building material is turning to dust as it falls!

These appear to be survivors moving to safety, so it is likely this picture was taken shortly after the two towers were "poofed" and before WTC7 dropped. What is the "fog" around their feet? If it were fine dust, it wouldn’t have settled out of the air this quickly. If it were fine dust, it would have gradually settled out of the air, leaving the air clearer and clearer, gradually. Find dust would not move as a well-defined "cloud" and sink together. If it were kicked up by the feet, it would be more localized around the feet — especially on the right.

That was not simple dust that hit this guy’s shirt. Whatever it was had direction and didn’t hit the white part of his shirt. It looks like he was sprayed with brown paint.