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Personal Comments

I am "me" and doing the best I can do.
I consider myself to be an honest person, as well as those who know me. I choose not to be attacked by those who wish to manipulate the truth, but I do understand that such individuals exist. I wish to spend my time on simple and honest research of physical phenomenon and do not wish to invest my time in figuring out how to out-think the game-playing of the game-playing opposition. If you are so inclined to help with these efforts, I welcome your help.

I invite folks to ask why a statement has been made. (Example: "I am the victim of 'divisive ad hominem attacks,' so my own identification that I am a victim is proof that I am correct, so you can ignore all scientific arguements." Does this pass your logic test?) Let us not fall into the trap of judging scientific issues in the erroneous frame of "popularity." After all, why would someone ask you to make choices about "scientific reality" based on social norms of "popularity?" Hasn't our culture advanced science beyond the debate of "reality" vs."popularity"?

If "you" are doing the best you can do -- and want to contribute, I will share some of my thoughts with you. These thoughts are intended for personal, not general, distribution.

Comment Items

Here is some of what is on my plate. I welcome any and all help in dealing with any of these tasks/issues.

  1. Developing a website for the Journal of 9/11 Research

  2. Inviting speakers to the Madison Conference in early August, for a session I am supposed to be organizing and chairing on unconventional methods.

  3. Developing my own website and posting more evidence.

  4. Making more progress on the "DEW" paper than has been made recently.

  5. Think: What is the purpose of your criticism? Is it to distract or is it to be helpful, considering this particular point in time? Note, our DEW paper is not yet complete. Ask yourself if you want to see it completed. Ask yourself how to best present information that may benefit its completion.

  6. Timing; When a rape victim is contemplating going to the hospital, where evidence can be recorded and documented, it's probably not the time to "blame the victim" for having been attacked. It does seem that humans are attracted to this "piling on" mentality to attack the victim, but perhaps we should stop and think of the implications of such behavior.

  7. Moving my website to a new (paid and free of adds!) location which, fortunately, some wonderful person has donated for our efforts.
    Reminder: I lost my job as a result of my dedication to Truth and I do not have an income. I know there are folks who've criticized the pop-up adds on my freebie site. Perhaps some of these critics would like to help organize setting up a new website? Please remember, I am unknowledgeable about web design.

  8. Learning something about how to set-up a website, knowing it needs to be better designed than what I have. Yes, I acknowledge that my website could be improved. Instead of criticizing my web site, are you willing to lend your help?

  9. Learning about Web Design. Note: I volunteered to help out Jim Fetzer with the st911 postings, last March, not knowing much of anything about web posting or html. I volunteered to do this "for a few days" because no one else would step up to the plate. I learned enough to "get by," but I know my techniques are quite inefficient. Never the less, I did the best I could. I don't believe anyone other than myself knows just how much I sacrificed to do this. In addition, virtually no one showed any appreciation for my efforts! Yes, Jim Fetzer showed some appreciation, which was more than I saw from anyone else, but I don't believe he recognized just what was being sacrificed. I'm guessing that he came to realize just how loyal I was -- only after I left. Presenting information on a website takes effort; attacking it does not take effort. Please think before you attack. :-)

  10. As it is, I am in the process of making several new web pages which are set up to deal with the rapidly-multiplying number of attack pieces out there.
    Will you help?

  11. Who of you have offered to respond to any of these attack pieces?

  12. I should note what a wonderful piece Andrew Johnson has presented to us -- which should go on this new web page (that I am trying to set up). A few others have written excellent pieces, too. (Andrew Lowe Watson, CB_Brooklyn, Rick Siegel, Ningen, "Fred", Coffinman …to mention a few)

  13. At this point, I am trying to figure out how I can possibly keep up with the rapidly-multiplying number of attack pieces (so far gone unanswered) on the JJJ (Jones Junk Journal) site as well as from other sources.
    Will you help?

  14. Continuing research on what I can find in terms of evidence about what happened on 9/11.
    Will you help?

Most of all, how does your criticism contribute to "advancing our cause"?

(Note, even if your points are valid, your timing and/or presentation may not be.)

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