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A picture tour through ground zero - PictureTours3
This is my gut reaction to these pictures.  If I knew nothing else and had only been given these pictures, and the memory of the building that once stood on this site, I would conclude that WTC1 and WTC2 were blown up.
Source of photos:

I have a great deal of appreciation, respect, and admiration for "AP," the person who took these pictures.
It was a wonderful treasure you have provided to us.
These pictures provide the viewer with terrific evidence about what happened.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.     Thanks!

There are three ways to get to the pictures, if you don't  click directly on the links I've given below each description.
Beams, close-up
I wonder who the suits are? (lower right)
Wow, what A HOT spot in WTC2!  (I'm referring to that area around the white fog, just to the left of the white crane's cab.)  This looks like where the north wall of WTC2 should be, relative to the standing "wheat chex" of the outer columns on the western face.  I don't think they can get near it.  Also, look at those core columns being stacked up (lower right) -- but not for long, I'm sure!
Wait!  After looking at picture [wtc050.jpg], which shows a north-face "wheat chex" leaning against the building, I wonder if that hot spot is the core-column area of WTC2?
They're preparing to load up more core columns (as soon as the next ones are ready to load).  Note the wooden 4x4 posts on the flat bed trucks.
Now, this street is clean enough to eat off of!  Note the police officer on the lower-right side of the picture.
Amazing layers of dust on that ledge of the building, especially on that diagonal corner section.
Here is an interesting pattern of missing windows vs. damage.
Notice those missing windows on the far right (lower windows), while there appears to be no damage to the building.  Hmmm... as if this was caused by a strong blast of air.
Those beams sticking out of that corner look interesting.  They look like a stake that was driven through a big monster.  ;-)  It's amazing that the windows adjacent to it weren't busted out.
Check out those core columns on the left side, nicely stacked, ready to be carted away.  That guy with the yellow hat looks like he's guarding the scene.  Why?
Up high, on the building that was facing the south side of WTC2, notice how the windows near the top look blasted out.  I think the white we see is vertical hanging blinds.  So, why don't we see them on the lower floors?  The lower floors look like "stuff" was thrown at the building, like throwing an egg and having it go splat.  This damage has a dark-green appearance.  Those upper floors have a distinctively different appearance.  (I think one of those callers to the CBS show I recorded was on the 32nd floor of this building, and described the plane strike on WTC2.  He was the really scared one who wanted to go home.  He said he'd been in his office since 7am and had seen "everything unfold."  That was before WTC2 "fell."  I hope he got out.)
Also, remember the arial photo I have of this building, showing "beams" on the roof (which are probably the aluminum cladding).  If these beams "fell" off the building when it collapsed, why doesn't it look like no beams hit the top 10 floors?   I think the damage in the upper floors (with visible white blinds) is the result of a big air blast.
Also, notice the edge of the building on the far right. Windows are only busted out on those lower floors.  The upper floors look ok.
Those flood lights on the red crane look reasonable.
Whoever hung those miniblinds on the top floor did a good job of securing them!  :-)
Gee, with a raging fires just below the top floor, those miniblinds look really good!  They must be fireproof.  :-]
Now, this is what fire damage to a building looks like! (I think this is WTC5, maybe WTC6.)
Check out those flood lights on the building.  Hey, you wouldn't want anyone looting the place.  Ummm... why do you need to light a building you're going to take down with explosives?  Are they planting explosives at night?
Core columns still in place.  Wow!  Check out that heat!
Isn't it amazing that the building on the left, with all of its fire damage, isn't smoldering like the WTC pile is???  And, unlike the WTC beams, that building on the left has bent beams!  It appears that chunks of WTC1 landed on it, which overloaded the structure, causing the beams to bend.  But, they took a licking and kept on ticking.
Why did those core columns "break?"  They look so straight.  If they failed from overload, they should be bent.
Here's a beautiful picture of some core columns.  They are impressively straight.  I can't be sure when the burn marks occurred, but the top one looks like it was cooked in a few places.  (like a cutting torch got near it)
Why are those ends so straight?  Why are they so smooth?  It doesn't look like a joint goes there.    [Click here for a zoomed-in view of the beams.]
WOW!!!  I've seen these burn marks on the "stacked up" core columns, but I think this one (below the truck tires and orange crane) surely supports explosives were used to cut it. 
[Click here for a zoomed-in view of the beams.]

#68, #69 
This looks like a generator or maybe an elevator motor?  If it's an elevator motor, why doesn't it look damaged?  Wouldn't that "jet fuel" blasting down the elevator shaft have blown it up?  ;-)
Here they are, making their way toward the goal... to get those core columns before someone gets them for evidence.  Note the cooler and more dangerously balanced outer columns still standing.  Why don't they get those first?  Why the urgent drove for the core columns?  Also, You'll notice that those core columns never stack up much.  They are probably removed within an hour of having them laid out.  Is that a policeman?  (Left side of photo, appearing like the jaws of the machine are about to get him, but he's further back.  He doesn't look like a workman!)
What do you suppose those guys are doing in the yellow cage, dangling above the pile?  Why are they in the cage and not on the ground?  Perhaps the ground is too hot?  So why not work on a cooler area, first.  There's plenty of work to be done in the cooler areas, still.  So, dudes, why the rush?    [Click here for a zoomed-in view of the beams.]
That segment of the core that's still standing looks to show evidence against a "simple collapse."  If the building pancaked down, why isn't this elevator shaft packed with stuff?  It should have been "impacted" with stuff.  This was even more obvious in the earlier pics.
Hey, the javelin is still there, standing tall by the corner of the "wheat chex."
I still have yet to see a bent core column!
Wow.  The remains are so pulverized.  It even looks like the metal on the right side of this pile looks shredded!  I think this is WTC2 -- and that it's too hot to deal with, yet. 
[Click here for a zoomed-in view of the beams.]
Beams, close-up
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