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In Memory of Michael Zebuhr

September 21, 1980 - March 19, 2006

 Photo #1  This picture was taken by Michael Zebuhr (Clemson University) on 28 Feb 2006, to demonstrate that aluminum does indeed glow, if hot.  Here, the aluminum is on a tungsten "boat" between two electrodes.  The boad is heated by an electrical current.  At this temperature, an increase in the temperature would increase the brightness and white-out the picture similar to photographing an incandescant light. 


Photo #2  This image is from an aluminum casting website.  The molten aluminum is glowing.   The room is at atmospheric pressure. 

Source:  Aluminum casting

Molten Aluminum
Figure #3a:  Temperature chart Figure #3b:  Molten aluminum at approximately 930°C - 1100°C. 
Source:  The International Aluminium Institute

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